Food Service:

Catering the Greek Community Since 1993

Keystone Foodservice is a family owned food management company that has been in the food business since 1993.  Our primary focus is the day to day food needs of Fraternity and Sorority houses.  We have been catering for the Greek community since 1993.

We successfully service 35 accounts currently at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Keystone Foodservice has a good understanding of Greek life on campus.  We realize the Greek system is a closeknit community, but each chapter has different food desires. Our management team works closely with each account to tailor a menu that fits each chapter’s specific needs.

Keystone Foodservice improves the quality and variety of your food while providing more value for your dollar thru food strategy, staff training, and volume buying.  Keystone Foodservice eliminates the hassles of work attendance, kitchen sanitation, and stagnant menus. 

Accounting becomes a breeze by issuing one check that covers all food costs, kitchen labor, payroll taxes, workers comp, employee health insurance, health department license, and kitchen janitorial supplies.  With Keystone Foodservice your chapters food budget can be figured exactly for the academic year due to our fixed priced system.  We would enjoy the opportunity to service your daily food needs.

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